Step #1 Replaced

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As I promised a couple of days ago, I have redone Step #1. I have also made minor changes to Step #2 and Step #3. These will be replaced as I continue revamping the Steps. I will be renaming these pages and using them for informational purposes, but they are not really steps in the process.

I withdrew 0.00001144 BTC (3800 coins) from Faucet Crypto to FaucetPay today. I was going to withdraw the entire amount I had available, but this was all it would let me withdraw. Even though there was a limit on the withdrawal, it was immediate. This is the second immediate withdrawal I have done from Faucet Crypto and I only joined it a couple of weeks ago (on April 17). This program looks like a keeper.

Here are my income results for today:

PROGRAMYesterday’s Ending AmountToday’s Ending AmountWithdrawals / Comments
Cryptotab Browser0.00059598738 BTC0.000609996270 BTC
Honey Gain4,480.97 Points4,777.88 PointsMinimum withdrawal is 20,000 points.
Moon BitCoin +5Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Moon Cash +5Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Moon Dash +5Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Moon LiteCoin +5Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Moon Dogecoin +5Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Bonus BitCoin +15Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
Bit Fun +3Claims directly into CoinPot Wallet
FreeBCC +15542 Tokens651 TokensMinimum withdrawal 100 tokens
adBTC #2,778 satoshi3,324 satoshiMinimum withdrawal is 5000 satochi
Faucet Crypto +40 #4,105.95 Coins1,110.24 CoinsMinimum withdrawal is 500 coins / Withdrew 3800 Coins (0.00001144 BTC) to FaucetPay [Daily limit]
274 Tokens
0.00016849 BTC
0.00007836 BCH
10.67000000 DOGE
0.00035416 LTC
0.00015107 DASH
387 Tokens
0.00017276 BTC
0.00010161 BCH
14.07000000 DOGE
0.00046542 LTC
0.00020354 DASH
FaucetPay #
0.00021429 BTC
938 Reward Points
0.00022706 BTC
968 Reward Points
0.00001144 BTC deposit from Faucet Crypto
CryptoPlace0.00001064 BTC0.00001109 BTCMinimum withdrawal 0.00500000 BTC
FireFaucet +30 #0.00002282 BTC
0.00004890 ETH
3.34976090 DOGE
0.00018730 LTC
0.00010464 DASH
0.20673318 TRX
0.00010021 ZEC
0.94059914 DGB
0.00002334 BTC
0.00004890 ETH
3.34976090 DOGE
0.00018730 LTC
0.00010464 DASH
0.20673318 TRX
0.00010021 ZEC
0.94059914 DGB
Minimum withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC / 0.0006 ETH / 200 DOGE / 0.014 LTC / 0.014 DASH / 40 TRX / 0.01 ZEC / 50 DGB
BitShark +600.00000368 BTC0.00000456 BTCMinimum withdrawal 0.00030000 BTC
theCryptoFaucet0.00110 LTC
0.044 Steem
0.00115 LTC
0.044 Steem
Minimum withdrawal .00210 LTC / 0.030 Steem
TRBOClaims directly into Stakecube 
FreeBitCoin +600.00000779 BTC0.00001041 BTCMinimum withdrawal 0.00030000 BTC / AutoBet proved disasterous
Golden FarmReplenish-103.00 Coins
Withdraw-120.43 Coins
5258 Eggs
Replenish-25.67 Coins
Withdraw-141.28 Coins
0 Eggs
Minimum withdrawal is 854350 coins / Purchased 1 green bird (15 total)
Cointiply +60 #15,099 coins15,616 coinsMinimum withdrawal is 50,000 coins
MoreMoney +60 #0.00003231 BTC0.00003418 BTCMinimum withdrawal to FaucetPay is 0.00008000 BTC
Hashing Ad Space0.67327241 Asimi
Login Stake-2162 Asimi
0.54040750 Asimi
Login Stake-2168 Asimi
BTCclicks #0.03890 mBTC0.03785 mBTCMinimum withdrawal is 0.10000 mBTC / Look like I made a typo yesterday.
AdBit #2,775 satoshi2,811 satoshiMinimum withdrawal is 40000 satoshi
ScarletClicks #$0.8828 USD$0.8987 USDMinimum withdrawal is $2.00
CoinPayU #2,435 Satoshi2,743 SatoshiMinimum withdrawal is 10,000 satoshi
LitecoinAds #0.00099800 LTC0.00121200 LTCNo minimum / 2% withdrawal fee
AdsClaimer #200 BAP
$0.000 Earnings
400 BAP
$0.000 Earnings
Minimum withdrawal is $5.00
Stakecube (Wallet)192.24457160 TRBO
8.53804793 BEANCASH
201.35930880 TRBO
8.75720453 BEANCASH
We Share Abundance$6.12 USD
0.0631933 WESA
$6.62 USD
0.0631933 WESA
Crypto300ClubDeposits – $4.78 USD
Crypto Packs (withdrawable) – $2.71 USD
Deposits – $4.78 USD
Crypto Packs (withdrawable) – $2.73 USD
Minimum withdrawal is $5.00
My Passive TradesActive Forever AdPacks – $10.00 USD
Total Earned – $0.33 USD
Active Forever AdPacks – $10.00 USD
Total Earned – $0.42 USD
These payments happen weekly (on Wednesdays).
+ [number] = You can earn every [number] minutes.
# = There is a possibility of more PTC ads being added later in the day.

Disclaimer: Most of the links on this site are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of activity from anyone who signs up from one of these links. I do not ask for donations. Using these links to join any of these sites is a way for you to say thank you for the information I have compiled here for you.

Until next time…keep earning,

Garrey C. Dunn, Jr.

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