Step #1

Before you get started discussing the first program you will want to join, I would suggest you create I new Gmail account. You will be receiving a lot of emails from these new programs you are joining (some more than others) and you will probably want to keep them separate from the email account you use for your day-to-day communications. Use this new email account for all of the programs you mentioned on this site. With that said, let’s go on to the program we will use as the foundation to making money with no investment.

The program I mention in is actually comprised of a set of websites. Since you need money to get started with most of these sites and I am working under the premise that we are not investing any money out of our own pockets, we will start with the one that you can start for free. It is called We Share Abundance.

Since we are starting with not investment, it is going to take is a bit to get to the point of withdrawing some money to start the next program. I will explain each step and how long in will take before we reach the point of moving on.

Join the program – The obvious first step is to join the program. You can get there by clicking HERE and clicking where it says, “Not a Weshare Abundance Member? Join Us!”. This will take you to the signup page. Here you will enter the Username, Email Address, and Password you would like to use. Below the <Find Your Sponsor> button, it should say, “Road2Freedom will receive credit for referring you”. That’s me. If the bolded first word is something else, just click the <Find Your Sponsor> button, type “Road2Freedom” in the box, and click the <Search> button. Once it says, “Road2Freedom will receive credit for referring you”, click the <Register Now> button to sign up. To activate your account, you will have to click the link in the email that they send you.

Start Earning – Once you verify your email address, you have already earned $0.50 (woo-hoo). After you click the activation link, you will be taken to a page that will instruct you on the next two steps you need to do right away…Complete you profile (another $0.50) and Adding your Wallet (a whopping $1.00). But don’t laugh, this $2.00 is enough to stake your way into Pool #1. This can all be done the same day you sign up. There is one hold-up, though. You don’t actually get paid until the beginning of the next month. So, depending on what day of the month you joined, you may have to wait from a few days to a few weeks before taking the next step. In the meantime, login to your account every day and read the email messages. This is very important. this is what you have to do in order to get paid. as a free member (you haven’t joined a pool, yet), you will earn $0.01 per day (don’t spend it all in one place).

Stake Pool 1 – When you stake Pool #1, you basically upgrade your income from $0.01 per day to $0.10 per day. You also get the ability to start sending emails within the system PLUS be eligible for the matrix compensation plan. From the main We Share Abundance members page, you can stake Pool 1 by clicking the <WeShareAbundance> button and selecting “Pool Options” from the drop-down. Beside “Pool 1” you can read more about what you get when you stake this pool. You will notice the cost is listed as $2.50. However, this is the US$ cost. After your earnings are converted to WESA, you can stake this pool for 20% off (or $2.00…just what you happen to have available). At $0.10 per day for 30 days in the month, after your first full month, you will have $3.00. If you want to do this again the next month, you will stake $2.00 for Pool 1 again and have $1.00 left over. After the second full month, you will have $3.00 that you earned from Pool 1 plus the $1.00 you had left over for a total of $4.00. In your third month, you will use $2.00 to stake pool #1 and have $2.00 left over. (NOTE: If you attempt to stake Pool 1 twice to double your income, it will actually add the second one on the end of the first one. You can only stake one at a time.) At the end of your third month, you should have $3.00 from Pool 1, plus $2.00 that you had left over, which gives you $5.00. Now, in your fourth month, you can stake Pool 1 AND Pool 2. (NOTE: You must stake higher pools, you must also stake all lower pools, as well. For example, you cannot stake Pool 2 without staking Pool 1 also. To stake Pool 3, you have to stake Pool 1 and 2 also…and so on.) When you add Pool 2, your income increases to $0.25 per day. You are also able to email more people and you are eligible the Pool 1 matrix and the Pool 2 matrix. At $0.25 per day, your pools are now making you $7.50 per month. Therefore, for your fifth month, you use $5.00 to stake Pools 1 & 2 and have $2.50 left over and for your sixth month, you will have $10.00 which will allow you to stake Pool 1, 2 & 3. This increases your income to $0.50 per day, making your monthly income $15.00…you get the picture. There is also the possibility of matrix earnings that could shorten the amount of time it takes to reach the top level, Pool 6.

But let’s look at the worst case scenario and see how long it would take to get to the top level:


So, after no more then 13 months (if you login and read your messages every day), you will be making $50.00 per month over and above what you put back into your pools each month. You can either pocket this money or invest it in the next investment program will be showing you.

Now you are ready to move on to Step #2.

See you next time,
Garrey C. Dunn, Jr
Garrey C. Dunn, Jr.