Step #3

As we are starting Step #3, let’s do a quick recap of what we have done so far.

In Step #1, we created a new Gmail account for all of the emails we will receive from our new programs. We also joined the We Share Abundance . In Step #2, we learned about cryptocurrency wallets and created accounts in the online ones we will be using (CoinPot, FaucetPay, CoinPayments, Coinbase, and Waves). We also talked about setting up an offline account (as I said before, I use CoPay).

Today we will be looking at the types of accounts we will be creating to make investment-free money. There are five main types of sites we will be using…Miners, Faucets, PTC (Paid-to-click), Surfing sites and Investment programs. Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail before I introduce you to the first ones we will be using.

Miners are sites that use the processing power of your device (computer, tablet, or phone) in the background. You don’t see what it is doing and you will probably never notice it unless you are doing something that is highly graphic intensive (gaming, video editing, etc.). If you mostly surf and check your email, it should not effect you. In exchange for you allowing them to use your processing power, they pay you a fee. Various programs pay different fees. These programs do not accumulate quickly, but they do not require any other interaction from you other than withdrawing your funds when you reach the minimum for the site in question. NOTE: Do not confuse these sites with cloud miners. This are similar in that they are providing processing power, but the processors are in the cloud and you must rent them in order to get income. This requires not only an initial investment amount, but also a bit of trust that they will not take your money and string you along until you try to withdraw your funds and then close up shop with your money in their pockets.This does not fall within the scope of this project.

Faucets are sites where you generally click through several pages to have a small amount of currency deposited into your account. You have to click through several pages for each deposit because these sites are funded through advertising. You have to see enough ads in order for the site to make enough money to pay you and keep a little for themselves. You will notice two types of faucets as you start using them. Some faucets deposit directly into your microwallets (CoinPot and FaucetHub) while others collect your earnings in an account that the site creates for you when you register. Since most sites have a minimum amount you must accumulate prior to making a withdrawal, we prefer using the ones that will deposit into our microwallets before site created accounts. This way we are depositing larger amounts into our account so it will be easier to reach the minimum. Plus, the fewer accounts you have to maintain, the easier it will be to keep track of your earnings. There are a couple of things you should know about faucets, though. First of all, they are generally farming out the most of the work to other sites, so for the most part they are not in control of the pages you see. This could lead to a couple of things you should know. They will frequently open new tabs on your browser automatically that promote other sites, so if you see a tab from a site that you don’t remember clicking on, there is probably where it came from. Also, sometimes, you will have to click on something two of three times (opening other tabs for each click) before you can go to the next page. This is just a nuisance and part of the process, so just close the extra tabs and keep going. After a couple of pages, you will get paid. The other thing to consider is that some of these third party ad sites accept ad that some people find objectionable. You will have to weed through those ads in order to get paid by those faucets. Most faucets use several different third party sites and you never know which ones use objectionable ads or which faucets use them. Once nice thing about faucets is that you can claim from the multiple times a day. They usually have a timer that starts after you make a claim that has to run out before you can claim again. The amount of time you will need to wait generally runs between 5 minutes and an hour.

Next, let’s look at PTC sites. There are some similarities to faucets and some differences, but ultimately, the both pay us to look at ads. The main difference being that faucets reward you for clicking through pages of ads while PTC sites pay you for clicking on each individual ad. Most ads will have a timer indicating how long you must view the ad before you can move on to the next one. These generally run from a few seconds to a minute or more. Since PTC sites are hosting the ads directly on their site, they have better control of the content being shown. As with faucets, some have more lax standards when it comes to objectionable material, but you will be able to tell where these ads are coming from and avoid those particular sites if you choose. Another difference between PTC sites and faucets is that you don’t have to wait between ads. However, you can generally only click on each ad once per day. Most PTC sites have from ads to several dozen to click each day and the amount you earn for each click varies based on site and length of time for each ad. With the number of ads and the timer associated with each ad, it will take you longer to finish processing a PTC site, but once you finish, you are done with that site for the day (unless you want to come back to see if more have been added).

You will run into some site that have both faucets and PTC ads that we will take advantage of. I call these combo sites. They are not really another category…just a combination of two categories. You might see other options for earning on these sites like betting, short links, offer walls, games, and others. For the most part, these are not worth either my time or effort and I don’t use them. However, if any of these appeal to you, by all means, check them out.

Most of the initial money we will be earning will be from either faucets and/or PTC sites. However, there are a few sites where we can earn money from surfing ads. These sites are generally set up as traffic exchanges where you view ads in order to accumulate credits that you can use to purchase ads views from other people. As we progress, we will use some of these traffic exchanges to advertise our sites in order to get affiliates, but just be aware that we can earn money from a few of them, as well.

One last thing to know about where the money is coming from. Once we begin to accumulate enough from the various types of sites mentioned above, we will actually begin to invest these funds into other, more lucrative sites. These are the investment sites I mentioned. We will diversify this income so as to not put all of our eggs in one basket. However, the ones we will use are picked specifically for their compensation plans. DO NOT INVEST YOUR HARD EARNED CRYPTOCURRENCY IN ANY SITE UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT IT IS NOT A SCAM. There are some sites on the Internet that you want to avoid, but that will be the topic of another discussion.

I will put all of the currently sanctioned sites (where I have actually withdrawn money before) on the Sites page. However, I will be constantly checking new sites looking for others to add to the Sites page. I will keep you updated on a regular basis on my online income activities on my Blog. Check back there frequently to see my progress.

See you next time,
Garrey C. Dunn, Jr
Garrey C. Dunn, Jr.